1. What is IUI?

IUI is the simplest fertility treatment which involves depositing the processed semen of the husband, inside the wife’s uterus at the time of ovulation.

This basically helps to have more number of actively motile sperms closer to the egg and thereby increases the chances of pregnancy

2. For whom is it suggested?

Less sperm count

Decreased sperm motility


Mild endometriosis

Unexplained infertility

Sexual dysfunction

Donor insemination in severe male factor, same sex couples, single women

3. How is it done?

Wife reports to hospital on the 2nd day of menses.

Scan is done and appropriate drugs are prescribed for follicle development.

Subsequent scans are done to assess follicle growth and trigger injection is given when follicle attains a certain size.

36 to 38 hours post trigger ovulation is documented. After taking consent husbands sperms are processed and gently inserted into the uterine cavity.

4. Is it painful?

IUI is an absolutely painless process and gives best result if done with minimal manipulation

5. What are the chances of getting pregnancy with IUI?

Success rate of IUI depends on the age of the couple and the indication for IUI, and on an average it is 10 to 12%

6. How many times can a couple try IUI?

As per the NICE guidelines IUI can be tried upto 6 times. But age of the couple should be considered. For couples less than 30 years IUI can be done upto 6 times. Between 30 to 40 years, thrice and beyond 40 years ideally IVF/ICSI is preferred.

7. Are there any side effect associated with IUI?

IUI is a potentially safe procedure. A carefully done ovulation induction reduces possible side effects of multiple pregnancy and OHSS

8. Is there a chance of twin/multiple pregnancy with IUI?

Normally we aim at a single follicle development. But if we get 2 or more follicles growing then the chances of multiple pregnancy increases.

9. Can a couple have intercourse during the treatment?

Couple is advised to have intercourse regularly during treatment as well.

10. Is bed rest recommended after IUI?

Bed rest is not recommended after IUI. She is made to lie down for 10 minutes after IUI beyond which she is allowed to go back to her routine activities

11. What are the reasons for failure of IUI?

Age of the couple. With age the success rate of any fertility procedure decreases.

Improper patient selection. Sperm parameters most favourable for IUI include 5 million motile sperm count with 4% morphology.

Tubal patency is a mandatory prerequisite

Poor egg or sperm quality

Poor endometrial quality

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