Donor Programmes


1. What is Donor Programmes?

The process of achieving pregnancy in a subfertile couple with the help of a semen/egg donated from suitable donor, or with the help of embryos formed from suitable semen and egg donors.

2. What is Donor IUI? For whom is it done?

The process of inseminating donor sperms into the womans uterus at the time of her ovulation is called donor IUI.

Donor IUI is the option given for couples with

Zero sperm count of the husband

Severe male factor and not affordable for ICSI

Single women or same sex couples

Males carrying genetically transmissible disease

3. For whom is donor oocyte programme advised?

Donor oocyte programme is offered for

Woman beyond 40 years of age

With very less eggs, low AMH levels

Severe endometriosis with pooe quality eggs

Premature ovarian failure

Premature menopause

Women who underwent cancer treatment and did not freeze their eggs

Recurrent abortions or repeated IVF failures

Inherited genetic disorders

4. Procedure for donor oocyte programme?

Suitable donor is selected and ovaries stimulated from day 2 of her menses

Injections given for all the follicles in her ovary to grow for around 10 days on an average (controlled ovarian stimulation)

Trigger injection is given for final maturation of eggs when almost all follicles are around 18 mm

Egg pick up is done around 35 hours after trigger

IVF/ICSI is done and eggs are fertilized in the lab with the recipient husbands sperm

Embryo growth is assessed and frozen on day 3 or day 5 post egg pick up

Endometrium of the recipient wife is prepared and embryos transferred into her uterus.

5. How is donor selected?

As per the goverments guidelines

25 to 35 year old

Married with a child of her own

Screened from communicable diseases and thalassemia

6. What is Donor embryo Programme?

Process of transferring embryos formed from donor eggs and donor semen.

7. Indications for donor embryo programme

Both male and female factor of subfertility

Couples with high risk of passing on genetic disorders to their offspring

Women with recurrent IVF failures

8. Process for donor embryo programme.

Ovaries of the egg donor stimulated and eggs retrieved.

Eggs are fertilized with donor sperms

Endometrium of the recipient couples wife prepared

Donor embryo transferred

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