Cryo Preservation


1. What is Cryo Preservation?

The process of freezing eggs, semen and embryos for future use is called cryopreservation

2. For whom is it indicated?

Egg freezing:

Social egg freezing is done to preserve eggs for future use in a lady who wants to postpone marriage and pregnancy till she finds it suitable for the same.

Patients who have conditions that affect her fertility like sickle cell anemia, auntoimmune conditions like lupus can also opt for egg freezing

Patients who need treatment for cancer like radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Egg frozen can be thawed, combined with sperm and implanted in the uterus at a later stage.

Semen freezing:

For future insemination in their absence, for donor inseminations

Preservation prior to surgical fertility treatment

Prior to treatment of malignancies

Embryo freezing:

Storing excess embryos of good quality

Postponing embryo transfer in cases with poor endometrium or in patients with PCO to prevent the risk of OHSS

Fertility preservation in married women prior to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or removal of ovaries

3. How are frozen gametes or embryos stored?

Frozen gametes or embryos are stored in cryovials or straws which are maintained in liquid nitrogen canisters

4. How safe is cryo Preservation?

Freezing of gametes or embryos is absolutely safe. Freezing and thawing for future use has not documented any adverse effect on the babies born out of freeze thaw oocytes, semen or embryos.

5. For how long can gametes or embryos be kept frozen?

There is presently no documented safe upper time limit for freezing.

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